The Benefits of Home Surge Protection

digital image of surge protected home and appliances

While technology has provided remarkable connectivity, work, and entertainment opportunities, it remains vulnerable to power surges. In many US regions, powerful thunderstorms frequently produce lightning that can strike power lines and create unexpected outages. Anything from a personal computer, television or washing machine can suffer damage because of changes in electrical current. Fortunately, there are some exciting solutions that can protect your entire home and its electronics from these hazards.

Protection from Outside Threats

While some power companies provide built-in surge protection for their power lines, their system doesn’t completely prevent power surges. A meter-based external surge suppressor can stop a sudden spike in power from reaching your home and causing damage. It’s not just thunderstorms that create surges; squirrels, birds, and even trees have been responsible. However, having an external surge protection device is one step closer to complete home protection.

Interior Surge Protection

While external surge protection devices are crucial to prevent spikes of electrical currents from entering the house, the home is still vulnerable to internal surge activity. Indoor appliances that use a significant amount of power, such as space heaters, hairdryers, and garbage compactors, can create power surges within the home. Outlet protectors can prevent these surges from affecting other appliances and electronics.

Protect Your Home and Property

With the threat of lighting, animals, trees, and even appliances inside the home creating a power surge, it’s vital to take preventative measures. Having both external and internal surge protection is key to extending the life of your valuable electronics and appliances.

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