Terms and Conditions

  1. This contract applies to one single-family residence
  2. You are provided covered appliance service for one year, but your annual service fee may be paid in 12 (twelve) equal monthly payments. If you are a customer of Laurens Electric Cooperative, Inc., your monthly ProTec Services fee will be included on your Laurens Electric bill. Any unpaid balance not paid within 25 days of the billing date shall bear interest at the rate of one and one-half percent (1.5%). If your account becomes past due, ProTec Services may demand immediate payment of the entire amount you owe or immediate payment of the cost of all services and parts provided to you less any payments made by you to ProTec Services during your current contract period.
  3. Unless either you or ProTec Services cancels this contract in writing, it will be automatically renewed for another 12 months at the renewal price then in effect.
  4. If you have not filed any claim for service during the current contract period, you may terminate this contract at any time and without further payment. If you have filed a claim during your current contract period and you wish to terminate this contract prior to your annual renewal, you have the option of either paying the total remaining monthly payments or reimbursing ProTec Services for the total cost of the claim(s), whichever is less. If you relocate to an area served by ProTec Services, you may transfer this contract to your new residence. Any notice of cancellation or transfer request must be in writing and forwarded to ProTec Services, P.O. Box 700, Laurens, SC 29360. The effective date of your cancellation shall be the date your written notice is received by ProTec Services.
  5. Appliances or covered equipment must meet all applicable code requirements and be in full operating condition at the time program coverage begins.
  6. Neither ProTec Services nor its contractors shall be responsible for charges resulting from service or parts you have others provide.
  7. ProTec Services reserves the right to exempt specific makes of equipment from eligibility. ProTec Services shall have sole discretion to determine the type, make, and source of parts.
  8. If ProTec Services estimates the cost of a repair would be more than the value of your appliance in its current condition, or if code violations exist, ProTec Services may decline to make the repair and no liability will result from such decision.
  9. Service request calls are taken 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Repair and maintenance services are provided Monday through Saturday during normal working hours. ProTec Services shall have the sole discretion to determine if an after-hours service will be provided. If ProTec Services responds to an emergency call and deems the call was not an emergency, you will be responsible for all costs associated with the service call.
  10. ProTec Services may, at its option, use qualified local independent contractors to perform all or a portion of ProTec Services covered services. Any additional or non-covered services performed at your request will be performed at your expense.
  11. Neither ProTec Services nor its contractors will be responsible for direct damages, consequential damages, illness or injury caused by delays, failure to service, unavailability of parts, labor difficulties, and other conditions beyond their control. ProTec Services is limited to the amounts actually paid by you to ProTec Services pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.
  12. ProTec Services reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and/or refuse service as to a specific appliance in the event you are in violation of the terms hereof, it is deemed that you have abused the ProTec Services program, or if the condition of the appliance(s) is in violation of applicable codes and you do not undertake to bring the appliances in compliance with applicable codes.
  13. You will be charged a service call fee of ten dollars ($10.00) for each appliance service call. If a technician arrives and is unable to perform service because you miss the appointment, you will be charged the service call fee and you will also be charged another service call fee when you reschedule the appointment. You will not be charged a service call fee for any repeat visit provided you have not missed a prior appointment. You will not be charged a service call fee, if we believe that the cost of repair exceeds the value of your appliance.
  14. Freon will be replaced on heating and air conditioning units once over the lifetime of the unit.
  15. Thermostat replacement cost capped at $50.
  16. Residual value for programs are up to $150.

Services Not Covered

  1. Any condition that arises from abuse, vandalism, fire, flood, acts of nature, freezing, electric, gas or water outages, power surges, or other abnormal conditions.
  2. Appliance installation, disconnection, household plumbing, and or general inspection.
  3. Any modifications to appliances due to factory recall or factory retrofit.