The Benefits of Doing it Yourself

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Without a home security system, your home is at a higher risk for theft. Even if you make other efforts to secure your home, you may still leave yourself vulnerable to robberies if you lack the protection provided by a security system. Nobody wants to be a robbery victim. However, some security systems are expensive… Read More

Modern Tech Made Easy

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If you can control your home thermostat from your workplace, why shouldn’t your home security system offer the same level of ease, functionality, and convenience? More importantly, shouldn’t you be able to enjoy these benefits without paying a veritable fortune? Although many popular security systems allow users to arm and disarm them via their laptops… Read More

Affordable Automated Living

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While a fully automated house may seem complex and expensive, numerous options are inexpensive and simple to set up. Take advantage of the convenience of mobile phone control of your automated lighting, security, and temperature. When it comes to saving money on your utility bill, think about having the ability to monitor your energy usage…. Read More

Control Your Home From Anywhere

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How much control do you have over your home security systems? Are you dealing with an outdated system that offers you little or no control while away from your home? Constant hassle like punching in keys to arm and disarm the system, monthly fees, and annoying false alarms are now a thing of the past. Interactive… Read More

Technology That Puts You In Control

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Technology is everywhere these days, and smartphones are capable of doing an incredible number of tasks. There’s an app for nearly everything, from banking to tracking sleep cycles. When so much else is managed through smartphones, why would your home security system be any different? With ProTec Security Systems, you can interactively control systems in… Read More

Why It’s A Great Time For A Home Security System Quote

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Spring brings about a renewed interest in all things outdoors, including spending time hiking, attending baseball games, going to the beach, and generally being away from home. A home security system from ProTec allows you to enjoy all of the beauty that spring and summer can offer without the concerns of leaving your home unattended…. Read More

Dependable and Cost Effective Home Protection

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As technology evolves, more homes are shifting to innovative solutions such as wireless security systems for enhanced operations. If you’ve been thinking about transitioning from traditional networks to a more advanced option, wireless systems would be ideal for your home. While you may spend more money upfront for a wireless system, you can be sure… Read More

Secure Your Home Wirelessly

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If you are looking for a way to safeguard your home and make it as secure as possible, installing a wireless security system is an excellent option and has several great benefits. Here are three reasons to secure your home wirelessly. One reason to have a wireless security system professionally installed in your home is… Read More

How to Avoid the Threat of a Power Surge

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Have you been regularly facing electrical equipment failures due to power surges? Or are you looking for a long-term safety solution for all electrical appliances in your home or workplace? Power surges are a significant threat to Greenville, Spartanburg, and Greer electrical equipment owners. The problem necessitates an effective solution to cater to electrical equipment… Read More