Security For a Peaceful Sleep

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Sleeping at night knowing that you have a functional security system gives you peace of mind. But it is not just about having any system. The important thing is getting a highly secure system with modern features. This is why you have to be careful when shopping for wireless systems for your home. ProTec Security… Read More

Keeping An Extra Eye On Your Home

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Sleep comes easier when we know that our homes are safe. Protecting our homes has been made easier with the availability of wireless security systems. Even when on vacation, the systems act as a second set of eyes around our properties. This provides you with comfort in knowing you are able to monitor your home… Read More

3 Reasons to Go Wireless

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One excellent way to protect your home and family is to install a security system. However, when it comes to picking out what security system to install, you will find that you have many great options. One option to consider is a wireless home security system. This system has a lot of great features that… Read More

Upgrade Your Security System Yourself

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Are you looking for an effective and efficient DIY security system to protect your loved ones and property? Do you want to terminate the analog, expensive and hardwired security contracts with your service providers? If the checkbox ticks right, a DIY security system might be right for you. ProTec DIY security systems give you the… Read More

The Benefits of Doing it Yourself

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Without a home security system, your home is at a higher risk for theft. Even if you make other efforts to secure your home, you may still leave yourself vulnerable to robberies if you lack the protection provided by a security system. Nobody wants to be a robbery victim. However, some security systems are expensive… Read More

Modern Tech Made Easy

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If you can control your home thermostat from your workplace, why shouldn’t your home security system offer the same level of ease, functionality, and convenience? More importantly, shouldn’t you be able to enjoy these benefits without paying a veritable fortune? Although many popular security systems allow users to arm and disarm them via their laptops… Read More

Affordable Automated Living

ipad being used to control home

While a fully automated house may seem complex and expensive, numerous options are inexpensive and simple to set up. Take advantage of the convenience of mobile phone control of your automated lighting, security, and temperature. When it comes to saving money on your utility bill, think about having the ability to monitor your energy usage…. Read More

Control Your Home From Anywhere

man controlling home security on phone while relaxing

How much control do you have over your home security systems? Are you dealing with an outdated system that offers you little or no control while away from your home? Constant hassle like punching in keys to arm and disarm the system, monthly fees, and annoying false alarms are now a thing of the past. Interactive… Read More

Technology That Puts You In Control

woman controlling home technology using her phone

Technology is everywhere these days, and smartphones are capable of doing an incredible number of tasks. There’s an app for nearly everything, from banking to tracking sleep cycles. When so much else is managed through smartphones, why would your home security system be any different? With ProTec Security Systems, you can interactively control systems in… Read More