Appliance Protection Customized For Your Needs

silver oven refrigerator washing machine and microwave

Discovering that your refrigerator has stopped working is a nuisance. Finding out that you could have saved money on repairs by buying a new refrigerator instead is a nightmare. Prevent this from happening to you by purchasing an Appliance Protection program from ProTec Security Systems. We designed our Appliance Protection programs to shield you from excessive repair… Read More

The Advantages of Whole-Home Surge Protection

burnt wall outlet without surge protection

A power surge can happen out of the blue, and before you can even react. In the blink of an eye, the surge will be over, but the ramifications could be widespread throughout your home. Unless you are protected, even a small power surge could fry your valuable electronics and appliances, causing thousands of dollars… Read More

4 Benefits Of Having A Medical Alert System In Your Home

medical alert system mans hands holding heart

Medical alert systems have made life easier by providing support for those who have suffered injuries, those with disabilities, and those with serious medical conditions. Choosing a medical alert system for your home will increase your overall quality of life and allow you to live happily and securely. With that being said, here are 4… Read More

Improving Your Home Security System

burglar coming in through door

There are many people who think there’s only a slim chance that a robbery will happen, and don’t take their home security as seriously as they should. It’s only when they get robbed, however, that they realize they should have been more serious about keeping their home secure. As for those who do have a home security… Read More

Benefits of an Integrated Home Security System


Why are home security systems important? Great question! Here at ProTec Security Systems, we’ve been bringing many security benefits to your friends, neighbors, and family in the Upstate area since 1994. That’s almost a quarter of a century of protection and peace of mind. Let’s look at some of the many benefits of having an integrated home… Read More

The Best Choice in Home Security Systems


You know you need a home security system, but it can be intimidating trying to figure out exactly what you need. This is an important decision – the health and safety of your family and the security of all of your possessions is at stake here. So, how do you decide? The first thing we suggest… Read More

How A Home Security System Can Save Your Life


Home security systems are nothing new. We’ve had them for years now, and technology has advanced to the point where even a “basic” security system looks like something out of an old James Bond movie. Wireless security cameras too small for casual observers to see? Check. The ability to check on your home from your… Read More