How to Protect Your Home While On Holiday Vacation

a family smiling and enjoying a meal together at the dinner table

Christmas is a magical time for families and friends to gather, celebrate traditions, and enjoy the festive spirit. However, with holiday travel plans and increased focus on festivities, your home’s security might be jeopardized. By implementing a few simple strategies, you can safeguard your home and ensure a peaceful and joyous Christmas celebration upon your… Read More

How to Keep Your Home Safe this Holiday Season

a nicely decorated exterior of a home for Christmas time

The holidays are a time for twinkling lights, family gatherings, and mountains of delicious food. But amidst the festive cheer, a nagging worry can creep in with the increased risk of break-ins and package theft during the busiest season of the year. By taking a few proactive steps, you can transform your home into a… Read More

Safeguard Your Home on a Budget

ProTec's DIY home security system devices and accessories

In today’s world, home security is a top priority for many homeowners. With the rising concern about break-ins and burglaries, it’s essential to take steps to protect your family and your belongings. While professional home security systems can be expensive, there’s a more budget-friendly option that’s just as effective. DIY Home Security Systems offer a… Read More

Creating A Safer Neighborhood for Your Kids

three elementary aged girls smiling while riding bikes and scooters through the neighborhood

A safe and secure neighborhood is a cornerstone of a thriving community. It’s where families feel comfortable raising their children, where neighbors look out for one another, and where the overall atmosphere fosters a sense of belonging and security. As a resident, you play a crucial role in shaping the safety of your neighborhood, and… Read More

Protecting Your Employees and the Workplace

a group of 6 happy employees sitting around a conference table having a conversation

In today’s world, businesses of all sizes are facing an increasing number of security threats. Many dangers can put employees and property at risk, from theft and vandalism to physical violence and cyberattacks. A security system can help to deter these threats and protect your business from harm. Here are a few reasons why ProTec… Read More

The Future of Home Protection

a man holding a phone with a graphic of a home with good security on it

As the world around us continues to evolve, so too does the need for effective and innovative home security solutions. Today’s homeowners face many threats, from break-ins and burglaries to natural disasters and cyberattacks. To keep pace with these ever-changing threats, home security systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence to… Read More

Designing Landscapes to Protect Your Home

a home with beautiful landscaping that protects the home

A well-maintained landscape can do more than just boost your curb appeal. It can also deter criminals from targeting your home. Follow these simple steps to use landscaping to make your home less attractive to burglars and other criminals. A messy yard with overgrown grass and weeds sends a signal to criminals that your home… Read More

Enhancing Senior Safety and Independence

an smiling elderly lady talking to a younger lady

As we age, the risk of experiencing medical emergencies increases. Falls, heart attacks, strokes, and other health issues can happen suddenly and without warning, leaving elderly individuals vulnerable and unable to seek immediate assistance. Now, medical alert response systems play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of seniors, providing them with peace… Read More

Customized Protection For Your Home

a picture of ProTec's DIY home security system devices

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to have a home security system in place. But with so many different options on the market, it can be tough to know where to start. If you’re looking for a more affordable and customizable home security solution that you can do yourself, consider installing ProTec’s DIY… Read More

Best Prevention for Home Electrical Fires

two wires plugged into an electrical outlet that is on fire

Protecting your home can be done in a lot of different ways. After making such a significant investment, it’s important to do everything to make sure your home is safe for you and your family. ProTec’s whole house surge protection helps prevent damage to electronic devices as well as protect your house from deadly electrical… Read More