Stress Relief, Worry Reduction, & Safety – All With One Click

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These days, we are all super busy! There are so many things we need to worry about; it can be quite stressful for the average person, much less for the average parent. Each one of us is looking for any way possible to make our lives just a little easier and reduce the stress we live with every day.

ProTec is proud to offer you a fantastic way to quickly and easily all but eliminate your stress about home security without adding stress to your monthly budget! Our monitored security systems are state-of-the-art and custom-designed to fit your needs. You get the comfort of knowing that someone is watching out for your home and your family 24/7 while giving you the wireless remote control over that system you need – from anywhere in the world.

By partnering with, ProTec allows you to keep a watch on your home, its systems, and even the family, no matter where you happen to be. Make sure the kids came straight home from school while you are at work, see when the dog walker showed up while at the gym, or check to see if you remembered to turn down the thermostat before you left the house as you pull into a drive-thru to get your morning coffee.

All this and more is possible when you have a ProTec system powered by With all these ways to monitor your home –

  • Smoke, Heat, and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Video Monitoring & Security Cams
  • Motion Detectors
  • Key Ring Remotes & Panic Buttons
  • Smart Touch Keypads – Fixed and Wireless, Even Voice Command
  • Door & Window Sensors
  • Broken Glass Sensors
  • Controlled With Your Smartphone

You can go about your day more efficiently, with less worry and stress. Never again will you need to make phone calls after phone calls to check up on people, and never again will you stress about the safety of your home or the people in it.

Contact us today to schedule your free quote and put all those problems behind you for good.