Simple, Smart, and Wireless Security for Your Home

woman holding phone in order to check her wireless security system

Our wireless security systems are designed to be effective, reliable, and easy for you and your family to use. Your system can be accessed and operated through an app on your smart device; get real-time alerts and updates about your home – even when you’re not at home.

We make it our business to think of everything when it comes to your safety, and that includes consistent service despite lightning strikes and power surges, cut cables, or other unexpected situations. Being wireless allows us to avoid phone cables entirely. Should you lose power, our systems are designed with contingencies, including back-up cellular connectivity, so you never go unmonitored.

Simple and Adaptable

We are non-intrusive, right down to our installation process and technicians – but we are always accessible and available. Our installation process is quick and non-destructive to your home, and it can always be changed or updated. We have many features, but here are some that we are most proud of:

  • Add additional sensors and cameras as needed, perhaps in the nursery for your expanding family
  • Utilize smart locks to allow house-sitters or dog walkers to enter when you are out of town
  • Receive notifications when your doorbell rings, or when someone pulls up to your house
  • Switch lights on and off
  • Adjust thermostats, (or have our smart thermostat settings do it for you)
  • Monitor potential hazards like carbon monoxide, smoke, heat, even water to avoid potential flooding

Growing with You

With the ever-changing security landscape, it makes sense to partner with a company that is built to grow. We have gone wireless for your convenience, for your safety, and the ease of future improvements. Our systems can be maintained and updated via our remote technicians, and additional options for your home are being created and offered as they are developed. Check out some of our current enhancements related to our monitored home security systems.

We are the Upstate’s smart security choice. Sign up for a free home security system quote and receive a $20 Lowe’s gift card. Or contact us to learn more about the right security system options for your home.