September Is National Preparedness Month: Be Safe In Your Home

Home with outside lights on for security

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? National Preparedness Month is a campaign that was started by FEMA as a way to encourage everyone to remain prepared for any emergency that could take place. As we begin to prepare for fall, we feel that is important to plan for the remainder of the year.

Building your own emergency preparedness kit is a great way to ensure your family will have access to key resources and supplies that you may not have access to once an emergency or disaster is near. However, threats to the inside and outside of your home will exist outside of hurricanes, tornadoes, and other severe weather-related emergencies.

Even though burglaries are high during the summer, it is still wise to be fully prepared during the other seasons. Since September is generally a busy time, it is important to make sure the best practices and precautions you have put in place do not slip away.

Lock Inspections

When was the last time you inspected your locks and upgraded your locks? National Preparedness Month is a great time to review the locks on your doors and windows because these are the key area’s criminals turn to when they want to access a home. How often do you lock your windows?

If the locks on your windows are the standard turn-key locks, you may want to add a sensor alarm or a locking pin to your windows. You may also want to consider adding sensor alarms and upgraded locks to the doors that are rarely used.

Lighting Inspections

Homes that are well-lit will less likely to be targeted. It is important to ensure your home, doors, windows, etc. are properly lit at all times. If you have run into problems with your outdoor lighting in the past, it is important to make sure you use bulbs that will not burn out quickly.

Also, if there are any areas around your home that could obstruct your view or could make a hiding place for a criminal, we encourage you to make adjustments to those areas by trimming trees, branches, or any other shrubbery. You can also consider using motion sensor lighting around your home for additional protection.

Since you are testing your locks and your lighting, you can also test the rest of your home security system. Are there any areas of your home that worry you? Are there times when you feel unprotected? There are ways to secure your home that will leave you feeling safe and protected.

Contact ProTec Security Systems for information on how we can help you make the changes that you feel appropriate.