Security In Motion

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Do you know the benefits of installing motion detector lights as a home or property owner? A well-lit home has an appealing effect at night and always stands out from other homes in the neighborhood. Motion detector lights secure and illuminates the property as you move around, giving you peace of mind at night while saving energy.

Motion Detector Lights

Motion detector lights have an electronic “eye” that detects heat waves from moving objects in the detector’s field of view. Once motion is detected, the lights automatically turn on until the movement stops or for a pre-set amount of time.

5 Benefits of Installing Motion Detector Lights

Here are some important benefits of installing motion detector lights on your property:

1. Improve Security

Burglars, criminals, and vandals target properties when residents are away or asleep. Their main goal is to target property in darkness to avoid being spotted by neighbors who can alert the neighborhood watch or the authorities.

Installing motion detector lights deter criminals from gaining access to your property. Motion detector lights, exterior lights, and floodlights power on automatically when any intruder approaches your property at night.

2. Enhance Safety

You not only need to protect your loved ones and property from fellow humans but also protect them from stray animals. Depending on the geographical location, stray wildlife poses a significant threat to your loved ones and pets. For example, bears, coyotes, and snakes can access your property when looking for food and water. Motion detector lights activate to scare away the animals. You can also spot the animals from a distance to avoid any attack.

3. Added Convenience

Motion detector lights eliminate the need for someone in the house to switch on the exterior lights when you arrive at night. The lights will automatically power on as you approach your home, making it easier to unload personal belongings from your vehicle.

4. Save Energy

Lowering your electricity consumption saves you money and is also good for the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Installing motion detector lights inside and outside the house ensures that your light is on only when needed. Children may turn on the lights and forget to switch them off; motion detector lights eliminate that.

Motion detector lights can save 35- 45%, which can rise to 75% of a household’s electricity consumption. Leaving one 60-watt bulb on for 8 hours a day at the cost of $0.10 per kWh equates to $17.52 annually. Installing motion detector lights lowers power costs by 35% to $6.13 annually.

5. Light Up Difficult Areas

Motion detector lights can help illuminate areas in a property lacking light switches, whether underneath your patio cover or backyard. Motion detector lights will light up these areas to make them safer and more convenient.

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