Security Enhanced: How Smart Homes Improve Home Security


Smart home technology provides an affordable, powerful and scalable supplement to your home security strategy.

While the term “smart home” covers a broad array of capabilities, every smart device has two common features:

  • an ability to communicate with other devices or networks, and
  • an ability to respond to conditions

Consider a simple door position sensor, for example. When given a low power radio such as Bluetooth, it can communicate with other devices. Additionally, when linked to a mobile app, the sensor can be taught to provide alerts based upon a condition, such as only during nighttime hours. Therefore, this simple sensor qualifies as a basic smart home application.

Understanding smart home technology is not required to reap the benefits. Most platforms are surprisingly simple for daily use. And, the more smart hardware working together in your house – such as lights, thermostats, and water sensors – the more powerful the system becomes.

Smart home technology augments overall home security in the following ways:

Automatically Secures Perimeter Locks

A power feature – perhaps the most powerful feature – of smart home functionality is the ability to lock exterior doors and garage doors automatically. Locking can be scheduled, such as every morning and every evening.  Or, locking can be based on usage, such as 10 minutes after any door is detected to be unlocked. With an inexpensive smart home system and locks, your home will always be secured.

Detection Of Unusual Patterns

You might expect someone to be in your home once daily, such as a mid-day dog walker. However, an unexpected condition would be someone entering your home multiple times during a short time frame. With smart home features, you could be alerted to this unusual activity, and then take action such as calling a neighbor or viewing a webcam.

Detailed Audit Logs

With most smart home platforms, device activity is time stamped and logged for later review if needed. If theft or another unexpected activity is discovered well after the event, audit logs for doors, locks and motion sensors can be reviewed to isolate when the problem occurred.

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