Securing Your Home In The New Year

woman holding house keys next to home with 2021 imprinted on them

Losing weight, making changes to your eating habits, and quitting smoking will generally make many people’s New Year’s Resolution lists, but what about making changes to a home security system or installing a new home security system? Ensuring you and your family are safe throughout the year is certainly worth adding to your resolution list.

ProTec Security Systems want to help keep your family safe all year long. We have put together a few resolution ideas that can help make a major difference in securing your home:

Perform Home Security Checks

To ensure your home is secure, we recommend checking every lock and alarm system in your home. At least once a month, we recommend that you conduct a thorough check of your locks to ensure your doors and windows are properly sealed when shut.

You will also want to ensure your doors and windows have the proper locks. During your inspection, if your windows or doors open or slide with little effort, you can get it fixed before an unwanted intruder discovers how easy it is to enter your home.

If you want everything to work when you need them the most, it is important to regularly check their functionality so there will not be any surprises.

Make Your Home Look Occupied At All Times

Checking your locks, doors, windows, and security systems are important. However, you will also need to take other measures to ensure the security of your home. Making your home look occupied even if no one is home can be an overlooked security measure.

Make sure your trees and shrubs are trimmed and that your grass is cut often. We also recommend making sure your windows are in clear view because an intruder will not want to attempt to burglarize your home if they can be seen easily. Making your home look occupied today is easier than it has been in the past.

When you have smart home devices and home automation services, you can turn your lights on and off without being in your home. If a potential intruder thinks that someone is in your home, that intruder will be less likely to attempt to break into your home.

Create A Family Plan

As we all know, break-ins can happen anywhere. If you want to prepare your family with the knowledge that will allow them to handle an emergency, we encourage you to create a family plan. Provide instructions and guidance on what everyone should do if someone is attempting to break in.

Find a safe place in your home that everyone in your family can run to in the event of an emergency. While we hope that you will never encounter a break-in, we do want you to be prepared. You can empower yourself and your family by creating a family plan and putting it into action when necessary.

These are only a few home security resolutions that you can add to your list. If you do not have a home security system, adding a home security system can be moved to the top of your list. In 2021, we want you to feel safe and secure inside your home. Contact us today for a home security consultation. You can also sign up for a free home security quote and receive a $20 Lowe’s Gift Card!