Securing Your Home Before Summer Vacation

parents packing car for vacation

Securing your home while on vacation doesn’t have to be too burdensome. With all the excitement of getting away, it’s easy to forget critical security measures and ensure your home is protected while you’re gone. According to the Department of Justice, there is about 14% more theft during summer in the United States. Most of these thefts peak during summer vacations while people are away from their homes.

While on summer vacation, having a working security system provides you with a sense of security. However, simply having a system isn’t enough. The most crucial thing is to have a system with cutting-edge security measures.

Leaving Your House Unprotected During the Summer

There are two common worries among those who travel during the summer:

  • Someone may break into their home while they are away on vacation. When you are on vacation, the last thing you want is a phone call informing you that someone has broken into your home.
  • Even worse would be to return from vacation only to find that your home has been damaged and valuables have been stolen.

To fully enjoy your vacation, appropriate home security planning is essential. This includes selecting the best security solutions provider like ProTec Security Systems.

The Perfect Security Solutions

  1. More secure and less vulnerable: Wireless security systems are less prone to security problems. Real-time notifications help you monitor your house. This reduces property risk. ProTec Security Systems offers a secure, dedicated cellular connection that informs you even if your internet or phone line is down.
  2. Easy to install: Wireless system installation takes less time since it’s simpler. Our staff provides speedy and effective installations, identifies security needs, and installs real-time security. You’ll also get a system that suits your design and exceptional customer service.
  3. Scalable and adaptable solutions: Our wireless technology is flexible and scalable. Growing families can add a nursery camera and more sensors.
  4. Quality smart technology: Our systems include sophisticated features like automated house locks, smart thermostats, and high-definition video that make your home smart, contemporary, and secure.
  5. Bundled options: Our home security bundle includes in-home motion detectors, three-door sensors, and a control keypad. Our upgraded technological systems assist you in addressing real-time security demands at home or away.

Additional Tips to Protect your Home While on Vacation

  • Install a monitored security system.
  • Alerting the alarm company of your absence.
  • Checking and locking all windows and doors.
  • Don’t leave spare keys outside.
  • Lock the garage.
  • Ensure the house appears lived in by setting interior and exterior lights with smart plugs.

Need to secure your home while on vacation?

Contact us to get a quote and learn about our security system solutions. Allow our experts to deliver a security system that will work for you.