Secure Your Personal Belongings at Home

an image of a blue safe right next to some important documents

Today, burglaries and break-ins have become more common. Many homeowners have started investing time and money into securing their homes to protect themselves from the threat of theft. By taking these simple steps, you can better protect your home and personal belongings from burglars.

Reinforce Your Doors and Windows

The biggest deterrent to burglars is resistance to the points of entry to your home. Adding an extra deadbolt, door strike plate, and window sensors provides extra security for your doors and windows, making it harder for burglars to enter your home. When leaving the home, ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked properly. Faulty locks or unlocked entry points will make your home an easier target for thieves.

Get A Safe

Your personal information is very valuable and should be protected at all times. Many burglars immediately search for an individual’s personal information when they break in. Store important documents, firearms, cash, or jewelry in a safe bolted securely to the floor or wall. This makes it hard for burglars to steal your personal documents and belongings.

Keep What You Own On File

Remembering the exact product and serial numbers of the electronics you own makes it easier for you to track these items and get them back. If your device has tracking software, make sure you keep this option on. Try to keep electronics in different locations in the house because if all your electronics are together, they can all easily be taken quickly. Having home insurance can also help protect you from the incident of a burglary. Take pictures of expensive items that can be stolen and save those pictures to an external drive or cloud server for easy accessibility.

Install Monitored Security

Having a security system not only enables you to catch attempts by thieves and unwanted visitors, but it also can deter those individuals from even trying to hit your home. ProTec’s monitored security system provides an extra blanket of security by allowing monitoring professionals to contact the police in the incident of a break-in. Knowing you are protected whether or not you’re home or away can help alleviate stress.

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