Secure Your Home Before You Leave

senior couple leaving home for vacation

Summer is here bringing with it lots of travel and vacations. But have you protected your home from potential damage and theft? If you plan for a long holiday away from home, you shouldn’t risk leaving your home without adequate security and protection.

Leaving Your Home Unprotected

There are so many dangers of leaving your home unprotected for a long time, especially while on vacation. Here are some of the most common dangers experienced by many homeowners.


With a fire outbreak in your home, you risk losing all your properties while on vacation. It is best to protect your home before you go on vacation. Install fire alarms to get notified about potential fires even when you are miles away from your home. Fire alarms, smoke, and heat detectors from ProTec Security Systems provide you with real-time updates. You can monitor all the activities through your smartphone and take the necessary measures before a fire outbreak.


Lightning is dangerous whether you are at home or not. Many people lose their lives, experience property damage, and even lose animals through lighting. A surge caused by lightning can damage your home, leaving you with huge expenses. It can damage your most expensive appliances, and you may need to either repair or replace them when you come back. Surge protection from ProTec Security Systems keeps your sensitive appliances and equipment free from damage.

Home Break-In

How safe is your home that burglars cannot gain access while you are away? Burglars might just be waiting for you to move out of your home before they strike. If you leave your home unsecured, it might be vandalized, and you may encounter lots of damages and expenses. The good news is that you can enhance security in your home to prevent theft. Below are smart security solutions from ProTec Security Systems that enhance home safety.

  • Security alarms for real-time alerts
  • Remote door control to add strong security to entry points
  • Video monitoring to monitor movement in your home
  • Panic button to notify authorities of the danger
  • Passive infrared motion detector for motion ad alarm detection
  • Security camera to see what is going on in your home

More home security systems from ProTec Security Systems include:

  • Angled image sensor
  • Thin door and window contact
  • Glass break detector
  • Key ring remote, recessed door sensor
  • Wireless keypad for activating and deactivating monitors and alarms in your home

Don’t Leave Home Without Us

Do not leave your home without installing the necessary security features to keep the home safe and secure. Contact us today and keep your home safe with home security systems that fit your budget.