Safeguard Your Electrical Equipment

electric wires plugged in wall receptacle and on fire

Do you want to protect your electronic appliances and equipment from electrical surges? Electronic devices are sensitive to changes in electric current. A power surge can damage your appliance wiring or completely fry the equipment.

According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, commercial and domestic users account for 60-80% of power surges hence the importance of installing a Whole House Surge Protection to protect your vital electronic installations.

What Is a Power Surge?

A power surge is a sudden or unexpected increase in power voltage or current that damages and degrades sensitive electrical equipment and appliances. Power surge arises when excess power voltage is directed to electronic devices.

The 4 Common Causes of Power Surge

A Power surge can last for a fraction of a second by will cause lifelong damage to your electrical appliances and equipment.

Here are the common causes of power surges;

1.  Electrical Overloads

Drawing excessive current from a single circuit power outlet can lead to a power surge. The overuse of a power outlet causes electrical overloads, which may raise the voltage.

2.  Lightning

When electrical systems are subjected to lightning, their functionalities are compromised by the excessive and overwhelming load of current spike that leads to a power surge.

3.  Wiring Systems

Poor wiring systems are vulnerable to a power surge by offering minimal resistance to the currents flowing via the wires.

Here are the tale signs of poor a poor wiring system:

  • Burn marks or a burning smell
  • Vibrating sounds from power outlets
  • Tripping the circuit breakers

4.  Blackouts

When power resumes after a blackout, there is a sudden flow in electric current in the grid that can lead to a power surge.

How To Protect Your Electrical Equipment From Power Surges

You can protect your expensive electrical appliances and equipment from frequent power surges by installing a whole-house surge protection system. ProTec Whole House Surge Protection is a meter base surged protector designed to reduce power surge from the main grid before it hits the main electrical panel. Whole house surge protectors are surge protection devices installed at the base of your meter on the main electric board that spread throughout the house using power strips.

Types of Whole House Surge Protectors

Here are different types of surge protectors embedded in a protect house surge protection unit to protect your electrical devices;

External Surge Protectors

Meter-Treater meter-based external surge protectors are engineered to regulate and lower externally generated surges before they make their way into the house from the power lines. An external surge protector shuts off and redirects excess power voltage to the underground cable.

Internal Surge Protectors

Internal outlet protectors control voltage surges from a building or other electronic appliances or equipment like air conditioners, desktop computers, and washing machines.

Do you need a Meter Base Surge Protector to protect your electrical equipment and loved ones from frequent power surges? Do you need a state-of-the-art security system to monitor your property? Contact or connect with us on Facebook or YouTube today. Our team is on standby to attend to your calls.