How Remote Access Can Change Your Home Security

man selecting home security features by remote access from his phone

Home automation means having access to your home’s air conditioning, security conditions, and more at any given time. Whether you are on an extended business trip and need to modify your home’s settings or you’re about to set out for your commute home in the freezing rain and you want the heat to be on, automation gives you that remote control. What else does remote access include?

Automated Updates

If you usually check-in to make sure everything’s locked tight and your house is powered down, you can set automated status checks that send you a text or email. This means you don’t have to actively check your property: you can rest assured that all is well with regular updates and additional messages for alerts.

Weather Alerts

Commutes are getting longer and longer, and a storm near your house might not reach your office. But our home automation systems let you know if severe weather is on the way, and it will also tell you if you have any open windows or the temperature dips too low inside the house.

Home Monitoring and Control Using Your Phone or Computer

Change the temperature, power down a socket, or flip a switch on your security camera to change it from passive to active. Home automation gives you the power to make changes even when you’re not at home.

Remote access is the right solution for all types of home automation, ranging from security to devices to even file access. You can learn more by contacting ProTec Security Systems.