3 Reasons to Choose a Wireless Home Security System

couple deciding between wireless or wired home security

Once you have decided to have an alarm system installed in your home, one of the first decisions you will have to make is whether you want a traditional wired alarm system, or whether you may benefit from a modern wireless system. While wired systems use your home’s telephone line to monitor your home and report a break-in, wireless systems rely on cell service to monitor your home, and there are several advantages to choosing a wireless system. Here are just a few of the benefits wireless home security systems provide.

They Are More Secure

One of the primary benefits of wireless home security systems is that they are more reliable and secure than traditional wired systems. With a wired system, your alarm may go offline if a storm takes out your telephone lines. Additionally, wired systems can leave you vulnerable if burglars cut your phone line in an attempt to shut off your alarm. Wireless systems negate these problems helping to make your home more secure.

Easily Expandable

Since wireless systems do not require complex wiring to install, these systems are much easier to expand. This can be handy if you decide to add additional features to your service later on, as it will be easy to add extra cameras and sensors at a later time.

More Affordable

The ease at which wireless systems can be installed and expanded also makes these systems more affordable for homeowners to install. For homeowners who always wanted an alarm system but thought they could not afford the start-up costs, they may be surprised by how accessible wireless home security systems can be.

There are many reasons why wireless home security systems are growing in popularity among homeowners, only a few of which we have touched upon here. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of a wireless home security system for your home.