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Home security systems improve remote access and help you protect valuables. However, finding a company to address specific security needs within your budget can be challenging.

ProTec offers reliable and efficient home security systems in South Carolina to provide the ultimate security solutions for your needs.

1. Local Monitoring

Observing your home using security systems isn’t always possible, especially with a busy schedule. ProTec offers video monitoring 24/7 for all our clients. This measure allows us to detect and respond to issues like:

  •  Fires
  • Carbon monoxide increase
  •  Break-ins

2. Reliable Service Response

Home security systems need regular servicing to function optimally. ProTec has skilled and certified technicians available 24/7. When you contact us, we’ll send experts to service your monitored system within a short time.

3. Affordable Home Security Plans

ProTec prioritizes clients’ needs and security by providing affordable security systems for as little as $99. Furthermore, all our plans include quality services and products, so you get value for your money. You can also enjoy a $50 discount when you refer friends or neighbors.

4. Smartphone Access

All home security systems provided by ProTec are accessible via mobile phones. Our app is also easy to configure and navigate.

5. Personal Emergency Systems

ProTec allows you to safeguard seniors and loved ones with medical conditions or disabilities while improving independence. Our LifeGard Personal Emergency System features a portable panic button and a two-way communication device. In an emergency, your loved ones can use it to summon help.

6. Reduced Home Insurance

ProTec-monitored security systems can reduce your homeowner insurance. This is because they lower the risk of burglaries and damages caused by fire or water.

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ProTec provides customized security solutions at pocket-friendly prices. Our experts will study your property’s layout to recommend the appropriate sensors and alarms. Contact us today for a free quote.