Protecting Your Home From Surges

lightning strike residential housing

Many of your electronic appliances are sensitive to sudden surges in electricity. Did you know that small, repeated power surges could damage your TV’s circuit board? This is why you should protect your electronics from power surges.

At ProTec Security Systems, we provide true meter-based surge protection that protects your whole house from electric surges. Learn how to protect your electrical equipment from power surges here.

Surge Protection

We offer primary external and secondary internal surge protection for your home. A surge protector system maintains the electricity at a safe voltage preventing damage to your sensitive electronics.

You can protect your entire house from electric surges by using meter-based surge protection from ProTec. To optimally protect your home, combine internal surge protection with external surge protection. Here is how we protect your home from power surges:

Internal Surge Protection

To protect your devices from internal power surges, use outlet surge protectors. Outlet surge protectors are installed in socket outlets before connecting your electronic appliances. They reduce surges generated inside the house at a specific outlet to protect your electronics from damage.

External Surge Protection

This involves installing meter-based external surge suppressors to mitigate externally generated surges. External surge protectors reduce surges at the power line before it is passed into the house.

Meter-Based Surge Protector

A meter-based surge protector captures and sends the excess voltage to the earth. This maintains the voltage of your home electricity at a safe level. ProTec is your trusted provider of meter-based surge protection.

Choose Protec for Your Surge Protection Needs

Surge protection is a key area of home security since it prevents your sensitive electronics from damage. ProTec provides both internal and external surge protection services.

Trust us to deliver genuine meter-based surge protection for your external surge suppression needs. Contact us today to protect your electrical appliances from power surges.