Protecting Your Home Devices

electronic device cord on fire

Consider, for a moment, life without the valuable electronics in your home and losing them due to a power surge. Can you imagine missing your favorite TV program, the inconvenience of your washing machine not working, or all the food in your fridge going bad? Protect your home appliances and electronic devices with ProTec Surge Protection.

Protecting Your Electronics

Modern electronics are sensitive and thus easily affected by voltage spikes. Any home device using circuit boards, digital displays, and computer boards is vulnerable to damage by a power surge. A power surge can leave you with non-functional devices and high repair bills. Thus, a surge protector is necessary to protect your home and give you peace of mind.

Full Home Surge Protection

A whole house surge protector is installed in a home’s electric panel to offer downstream protection to all electronics. It provides high surge protection to electronic devices by diverting any excess voltage into the ground, thus avoiding damaging spikes.

Types of Surge Protection

Laurens Electric has built-in lightning and surge protection within its power lines. In addition, ProTec Surge Protection offers additional safety to electric equipment secured with meter-based surge suppressors, secondary surge protectors, and hardwire surge suppressors.

Primary External Surge Protection

In this approach, meter-based external surge suppressors are installed in such a way as to reduce external surges from the power lines before they enter the house.

Secondary Internal Surge Protection

In this approach, outlet protectors minimize surges originating inside the house. It also minimizes stray surges like when air conditioners cycle on and off. It is recommended that you use outlet protectors on all the electronic devices in your home.

Protect with ProTec

It is the industry standard to combine primary surge protection with secondary outlet protectors for your home surge suppression. Ensure your appliances and electronic equipment are secure from any electrical surge by depending on ProTec Surge Protection. Contact us for more information!