Protect Your Home With More Than An Alarm

burglar hands prying open a door

We don’t want you to be alarmed, but over 2 million homes are broken into every year (approximately one home every 15 seconds) in the United States. One of the best ways for you to avoid being a victim of a home break-in is to purchase a home security system.

Home Security in Greenville

We have spent countless hours researching Greenville security stats, crime stats, and we have had conversations with our customers and our potential customers to create the best home security package for residents in Greenville.

Burglar Alarm vs. Home Security System

Before anyone decides to purchase a home security system, one must remember that a burglar alarm is not a home security system. Yes, there are differences between a home security system and a burglar alarm. A home security system will provide a more significant amount of protection than a burglar alarm can.

Before you decide to purchase any type of system for your home, it is essential to know the difference between a burglar alarm and a home security system. In the past, many homes were only secured with a burglar alarm. The burglar alarm system would have sensors placed in strategic positions such as on the windows and doors of a home. Homeowners would be alerted, or the local authorities would be alerted when an unwanted guest entered the house.

A burglar alarm will serve its purpose, but a comprehensive home security system will provide you with monitoring and alerts so you can have a live view when danger is happening. A home security system that is equipped with monitoring technology will allow you to see what is happening to your house no matter where you are located and no matter what time it is happening.

Multiple Alerts

While any homeowner would undoubtedly want to be alerted if an intruder attempts to enter the home, a home security system will do more than alert the homeowner. The home security system will provide protection and alerts from other dangers, including fire and the presence of carbon monoxide.

When you are researching your options and trying to decide on the best way to secure your home, we recommend using a system that combines the latest security technology supported by a highly-skilled monitoring team. Before you purchase a home security system, do some research. Become aware of the different types of systems and the extra features that come with them.

Everyone deserves to have their home adequately protected. Contact us today for more information on getting the right home security system for your family’s protection.