Protect Your Home Business with Interactive Home Security

woman standing in room showcasing her home business

A home-based business is an investment in your future. Your customers are the key to the future of your business. If you lose trust, the long-term relationships that you worked so hard to develop may cease to exist, and with those relationships: your profits, and eventually your business. Your customers trust you with vital information about them and their business.

Protect Your Customers

Your accounting software may hold information for billing: bank accounts, business, and personal credit card information, and business and home addresses of your customers. You may be holding valuable merchandise for repair or delivery. Theft of a customer’s information or property could damage their business and in return damage yours. Protect your customers, by protecting your home with a security system from ProTec Security Systems.

Peace of Mind When You’re Not at Home

Our U.L. Approved monitoring center is at work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, protecting your home. We can set up your system to notify you when your front entry door is opened or any other door you chose, as well as changes in temperature. With you can log in to your home security system via smartphone, tablet, and computer and watch live video and store it in the cloud. We work hard so that you can have peace of mind when you are away.

Monitored Protection For Your Home and Business

At ProTec Security Systems our highly trained technicians install and repair the latest equipment. A keychain remote will conveniently arm and disarm your security system when you are in a rush or have both hands full. Wireless window and door contacts will maintain your exterior decor while offering monitored protection for your home.

We also offer appliance monitoring and surge protection to protect your computer hardware and other devices.

Contact us today! We can fully evaluate your security needs, and develop a personalized plan that fits the needs of your home business. Let us help you protect your investment.