Protect Your Commercial Property

group of city building with security bubble and lock overhead

Is your business vulnerable to physical intrusion? Does your business have an early fire detection system? Or do you need to control who has access to restricted areas?

ProTec Security Systems offers monitored commercial security systems to meet your needs.

Affordable Commerical Security System

While there are lower-priced security systems on the market, they come with their own set of problems.

They break down more frequently and need to be repaired or replaced. Many of them are easy to hack and disable. As a result, in the long term, they’re more expensive compared to quality equipment.

ProTec Security Systems offers quality equipment for:

  • Access control
  • Closed-circuit TV and NVR surveillance
  • Wireless and hardwired security
  • Fire protection systems

Access Control

If you need to limit access to certain areas, ProTec has the solutions. Restricting access is obtained by using cost-effective RFID identification badges with the employee’s picture and RFID readers.

The access control products available from ProTec include:

  • ID with photo badges
  • Control panel and accessories
  • Electronic keys, locking devices, and readers

Closed-Circuit TV and NVR Surveillance

Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) can be viewed live and events recorded either onsite or remotely using a digital video recorder (DVR).

Network Video Recorder (NVR) is used to view and store surveillance videos as well.

The recording system you use depends on if you have CCTV or IP surveillance cameras. However, NVR can record from both CCTV and IP cameras.

Wireless and Hardwired Security

If you cannot run wires for your security system, then a wireless system is your business security system solution.

If your business’s building is hardwired for a security system, ProTec can help.

If you need a wireless, hardwired, or hybrid security system, ProTec Security Systems is for you.

Fire Protection Systems

A fire can be a devastating event. It not only destroys property but also livelihoods. And sometimes lives. Electronic smoke and heat detectors, along with carbon monoxide detectors, can give an early warning of a fire.

With a monitored business security system, fire detection, and carbon monoxide detection system by ProTec, the appropriate law enforcement or fire department can be rapidly notified.

Contact ProTec Security Systems for a free assessment of your business. ProTec also has monitored security systems for your home.