Protect Your Business Inside and Out

digital lock superimposed over business security systems

In today’s world, businesses are faced with potential threats from external and internal sources. As a result, companies who want to continue to do business safely are smart to take the necessary proactive steps to secure their business and property, both inside and out.

Keep an Eye on Everything 24/7

There’s a reason why security cameras have become so popular. Although business owners can’t keep an eye on their property and assets at all times, NVR (network video recorders) and closed-circuit TV units can.

ProTec’s interactive video allows business owners to view what is happening in and around their business in real-time. Video recording can be set up to occur at scheduled times or whenever motion is detected. If an unusual event occurs, system alerts and notifications are sent to designated parties. In addition, business owners can store and easily retrieve hour’s worth of video surveillance, providing valuable information to law enforcement if a criminal event occurs.

Our unobtrusive closed-circuit TV offers plug-and-play capabilities, two-way audio communication, and laser-sharp imaging. Business owners and/or their security team will monitor multiple key areas in real-time, either on-site or remotely.

Monitoring Access

ProTec offers a complete system of commercial monitoring and restricting access to key areas. Our access system supplies everything from ID badges and photos to control panels and readers. Business owners can control who has access to restricted areas, and monitor/log their employees as they enter and leave restricted areas or a specific facility altogether.

Our access system can also generate in-depth access reports for later analysis, so interested parties can spot anomalies or other unusual activities that require further investigation.

Hardwired and Wireless Security

Not every threat comes from human-based activity. Natural disasters such as flooding, fire, and carbon monoxide leaks can occur as well. Our standard security system monitors various situations, including detection of carbon monoxide, rapidly rising or falling temperatures, unauthorized entry, and motion during non-business hours. If an event does occur, ProTec will respond in minutes as we do not contract our security services with a third party.

The Best For Protecting Your Business

ProTec is a full-service security company. We can analyze your entire business and design a personalized, comprehensive package that will ensure the protection of your most valuable assets. Our 24/7 monitoring staff is locally owned and operated. We are a complete security partner, offering premier security products backed by our premier monitoring and support services.

If you own a business in Greenville, Spartanburg, Greer, Laurens, or any of the surrounding areas, contact us today for a free quote.