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aerial view of Greenville, SC

Greenville, South Carolina, is a beautiful area of the United States, and it draws in many people who settle down in the community surrounding the city. Residents of this region have positive experiences in their everyday lives, and this sense of happiness and contentment has lulled many people into a false sense of security.

Stay Informed About Crime

Crime and safety are topics that people tend to avoid thinking about if they feel safe in their own surroundings. However, ignorance and lack of attention to crime trends can be dangerous. A quick search on the Internet will reveal several sites that provide statistics concerning crime in a given location. Greenville, South Carolina, is addressed on many sites, and the information accessed via offers a great deal of insightful data. The statistics may be surprising to residents who take the time to review them.

Greenville Crime Statistics

  • Ranked on a scale of 1 to 100, where 1 represents low levels of crime and 100 represents high levels of crime, Greenville is ranked in both violent crime and property crime.
  • Violent crime in Greenville has been ranked at 36.2 on the scale, and the US average is only 22.7.
  • Property crime in Greenville has been ranked at 64.1 on the scale, and the US average is only 35.4.

With a greater understanding of the trends and crime facing residents of the area, it is natural for people to wonder how they can protect themselves and their families. Finding out the right steps to take can be daunting, and the widespread presence of different security companies and services can be overwhelming.

Trusted Home Security System Services in Greenville

Fortunately, ProTec Security Systems is a company with home security expertise and in-depth knowledge of Greenville, South Carolina. As a longstanding presence in the local community, ProTec Security Systems has an established reputation and many satisfied customers. The company is dedicated to improving the safety and well-being of all Greenville residents.

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