Be Part of Our Customer Referral Program (And Save!)

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You love our service because you know we have the best security systems in Greenville, SC. We help you to sleep peacefully because we monitor your home, take care of your elderly family members safety, cover your appliances and HVAC, and make sure your meter-based products are covered by our surge protection. All we ask in return is that you offer that same protection and peace-of-mind to your friends and family!

Our Referral Program

If you convince your friend or family member to sign-up for a monitoring agreement, you get a $50 check or 3-months free for your own agreement! Isn’t that awesome? Who doesn’t want $50 just for telling someone you care about how they can feel safe and secure?

But that isn’t all! If they sign up for the HVAC or appliance protection, you get $20!

And another $20 if they want surge protection.

Can you believe it? You get even another $20 if they want the Lifeguard Medical Alert!

That’s a total of $110 if they sign up for all our services. But it isn’t just about the money, although we know that is a huge bonus for you. What it’s about is keeping your friend or family member safe through our top-of-the-line security system.

All you must do is get them to fill out the customer referral form and put your information under “Referred by”, then you can receive your gift from us!

If you need any help convincing them, remind them of our benefits:

No landline required because we use reliable, local cellular signals.

We have plans that fit any budget! Their security is more important to us than our profits. We can work out something for your loved one.

We offer smartphone access through our easy-to-use app so they can check in on their home or office at any time!

We monitor their home or office locally at our Alarm Monitoring Center in Greenville, SC 24 hours a day, so they will always be covered.

We may even be able to help them save 20 percent on their homeowner’s insurance because most insurance companies take money off when someone has a security and fire system.

Our technicians are on-call 24/7 to service any of our ProTec monitored systems.

That should be enough to convince them, but if not, tell them how much you love our company!

Contact us today and we’ll get you started!