When It Comes To Surge Protection We’ve Got You Covered!


We all know that today’s sensitive electronics can easily be damaged by power surges caused by lightning strikes and other electrical system issues, so we tend to plug our TVs and computers into surge strips, hoping that this will protect us.

However, many of us don’t know that a direct- or even near lightning strike can damage or destroy any appliance or device plugged into an electrical outlet.

Is your refrigerator plugged into a surge strip? How about your HVAC system? How are you going to handle it when the odds finally catch up and all of your home appliances explode?

Here at ProTec Security Systems, we’ve got you covered with our Whole House Surge Protection Program. Combining meter-based surge suppression with outlet protectors guarantees the highest protection possible against any level or type of electrical surge. The meter-based surge suppression system prevents externally generated surges from entering the house through power lines. The internal outlet protectors prevent damage to your sensitive electronics from internally generated surges, as happens with an air conditioner or other large appliance cycling on and off.

So, are you just going to keep hoping that you luck out with the kinds of electrical storms that roll through Greenville? Or, are you finally going to take steps to protect your home and property?

To find out more about our surge protection solutions and home security systems, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. We’ve been taking care of your friends and family here in Upstate South Carolina since 1994.