Personalized Security To Keep Your Family Safe

safe and secure family at home

You and your family know your home as a comfortable place to eat and sleep, a familiar destination to entertain guests, and a secure location for your most precious belongings. It’s a huge part of your life, so keeping it secure in emergencies is of the utmost importance.

At ProTec, we care as much about your home as you do. Our personal approach to home security solutions has helped us protect families in South Carolina since 1994 and lets us continue to lead the industry three decades later.

No Landline Needed

All our home security systems let you use your smartphone to check the status of your home.

You may think of security as being tied to a landline. However, that’s no longer the case for modern companies. Instead, we operate on a reliable cell service that links your smartphone app to the video and sensors installed in your home.

Need to check that the kids arrived home safely from school? Or maybe you want to be sure your doors are locked and the heater is idle for the day. It takes only a few seconds to open the mobile app to see what’s happening.

Low Cost and Savings

We offer plans that fit every homeowner’s budget. In addition, you can speak with our expert technicians about which security services will work best for your home.

Choose between touchscreen and voice control keypads. Place sensors on your windows and doors. Or put cameras inside and outside the home in key areas you want to supervise.

You get to pick what works best for you. Then when you’re system is running, you may even see a decrease in home insurance costs – with some insurance providers offering 20% off their plans.

24/7 Assistance

ProTec’s Alarm Monitoring Center is located in Greenville, SC, where we monitor 24 hours a day.

We contact emergency services whenever something unwanted occurs, like a break-in or fire. Our technicians are also available every day of the week to address concerns like a sensor that needs to be fixed.

Personalized Attention

The communities of Greenville, Spartanburg, and Greer trust ProTec because we pay particular attention to the individual needs of our customers.

We want you to be happy with our security services and, from day 1, we will listen to your concerns. Then, we’ll help you install and service the modern security system that fits you best.

Take a minute to contact ProTec today to start a conversation about protecting your home. A little attention now is worth every second to safeguard and secure the place where your family spends so much of their time. We hope to speak to you soon.