Caring For the Personal Safety of Your Parent

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Now more than ever, people are looking for peace of mind in an unstable world, especially when it comes to our most vulnerable loved ones. That’s why we are proud to offer LifeGard Medical Alert: a personal emergency system for adults designed to maximize safety while promoting independence.

How Does LifeGard Work?

LifeGard is a high-tech personal security device worn as a necklace or bracelet that can call for help 24/7 in the event of an emergency. By activating the wireless panic button, an instant two-way connection is established with our UL-certified Central Monitoring Station who can assess the situation, dispatch authorities, and communicate information with emergency personnel.

Who is LifeGard For?

LifeGard is an ideal solution for anyone who maintains their independence but still requires some medical supervision. This includes anyone with chronic medical conditions, people with disabilities, or patients recovering at home from a stay in the hospital. LifeGard provides peace of mind for the wearer and the family members who depend on our systems to provide help when needed the most.

What Makes LifeGard Special?

With no installation cost and no long-term contracts, LifeGard Medical Alert is one of the easiest-to-use personal security options offered by ProTec. The LifeGard device is easy to wear, waterproof, and operates from anywhere inside the home with the touch of a button. The affordable monthly service covers a lifetime warranty on equipment and batteries. We also provide door decals for the home to more readily direct EMS to the location of medications inside the house.

We’re on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you can’t be there for your aging parent or loved one with chronic medical conditions, let the caring professionals at ProTec Security help.  Fill out our contact form today to determine whether the time is right to get a LifeGard Medical Alert system set up for your loved one and receive long-lasting peace of mind.