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If you can control your home thermostat from your workplace, why shouldn’t your home security system offer the same level of ease, functionality, and convenience? More importantly, shouldn’t you be able to enjoy these benefits without paying a veritable fortune?

Although many popular security systems allow users to arm and disarm them via their laptops or mobile phones, they’re often limited in their capabilities, costly to install, and a challenge to navigate. Enter the IQ Panel 2 Plus. Sleek, sophisticated, and boasting an all-around intuitive design, this DIY security system is totally revolutionizing how homeowners safeguard the people and things they care about most.

What Is the IQ Panel 2 Plus?

Currently ranked as both the smartest and the smallest DIY home security system available, the IQ Panel 2 Plus has a clean and undeniably elegant look that will blend in seamlessly with your existing decor. It has a 7-inch touchscreen interface that’s simple and easy to use, and a 5MP panel camera built right in. For laymen, the beauty of this system lies in both its inconspicuous and feature-rich design and its easy installation. If you’re planning to install your home security system, you want to cut costs without cutting corners. With this system’s compact construct and minimal hardware, you don’t have to be a professional electrician, and you won’t need to make significant modifications to any building materials. If you can read a manual, you can put this system in without breaking a sweat.

What Can the IQ Panel 2 Plus Do?

Sleek, sophisticated, intuitive, and easy to install – the buck doesn’t stop there. Flexibility, adaptability, and customizable support are some of the IQ Panel 2 Plus’s best attributes. It has:

  • A built-in glass break detector that will let you know when your windows have been breached
  • Next-generation LTE connectivity and dual-path communication
  • Z-Wave Plus for controlling your thermostat, lights, garage door opener, building locks, and many other home features remotely
  • A panel access point and S-line encrypted 319.5 sensors for secure network connectivity and a secure network overall

The IQ Panel 2 Plus can take arm and disarm photos and then send these directly to your mobile device. This is perfect for anyone who spends their days worrying about whether they forgot to set the alarm. It’s also an effective way to know when anyone has gained access to the interior of your home. You can use this system to remotely answer the doorbell from the panel, disarm your alarm via Bluetooth, and create a smart automation sequence for your entire home. If you’ve been dreaming of a truly smart home, the IQ Panel 2 Plus includes advanced geofencing technologies that will allow your home and its features to perform a series of actions on your behalf when you’re gone. You, too, can be at the cutting-edge of home security without breaking the bank.

Three Solid Reasons to Get Your IQ Panel 2 Plus From ProTec

The value, benefits, and capabilities that this cutting-edge DIY security system offers are attracting a lot of attention from consumers and competitors. Even now, there are similar-looking systems on the market with incredibly convincing marketing campaigns. Sadly, however, buying one of these lesser options could leave you paying more and getting a lot less.

At ProTec, we sell only genuine, name-brand security products. We stand behind the systems and services we provide, and we’ve worked hard to build a vast network of reputable, top-rated suppliers. When you buy your IQ Panel 2 Plus from ProTec, you can rest assured that you’re getting the real deal at a competitive price.

You’ll also have the benefit of our seasoned customer care team. They can assist if you:

  • Have questions during the installation process
  • Want to know more about the IQ Panel 2’s full range of functions
  • Need help managing notifications

Best of all, if you sign our monitoring agreement, you can get $50 for referring a friend or three full months of free monitoring. If you’re ready to experience all that the IQ Panel 2 Plus offers, order one today!