How Medical Alert Services can Provide Independance to Stroke Victims

grandpa and grandson medical alert system

Having a stroke can be devastating. The physical and psychological effects on you and your family can become a barrier to your independence. A stroke does not have to mean round-the-clock care. Using a medical alert system in your home can help you regain your independence safely and without sacrificing you or your family’s peace of mind.

About Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are not new. The LifeGard Personal Emergency System offered by ProTec is based on years of research and in-home use. These systems are easy to use and work around the clock so that in the event of an emergency inside your home, no matter the time, you can summon help immediately. The LifeGard system offered by ProTec comes with free installation and a lifetime warranty on equipment and batteries.


In the case of stroke or other medical emergencies, you do not need to be able to communicate for emergency services to be summoned on your behalf. During an alarm, a two-way, tabletop communication device is activated and you are connected to our UL certified Central Monitoring Station. The station will dispatch and communicate with emergency personnel for you. A waterproof, wireless panic button that has been designed to be worn on your person as either a bracelet or a necklace may be activated from anywhere inside the home to activate the monitor and summon emergency services.

Is Medical Alert Right for You

If you have suffered a stroke but are not in need of full-time care, a medical alert system can provide the extra layer of security you need to stay independent. LifeGard is a medical emergency response service only and is not intended to replace in-home care.

Contact ProTec online or by phone at 800-942-3141 if you would like to learn more about the LifeGard Personal Emergency System.