Medical Alert Response System Helps The Elderly Maintain Their Independence


Life Changes Are Inevitable

Your dad just hasn’t been the same since your mom died a few years back. Of course, it took him a while to get past the grief, but even after those first few months, he still didn’t seem to come all the way back to his old self.

He can still chuckle at his lapses, like when he came in for breakfast with half of his face shaved, but you know that he struggles with his memory. He does a pretty good job of keeping up the house and taking care of himself, but you and your family worry about him. Everyone, dad included, wants him to be able to stay in his house, but how do you make sure he’s safe and taking care of himself?

We Help You Prepare For Those Changes

Here at ProTec Security Systems, we have been helping your friends and family in Greenville and the surrounding Upstate area answer questions like that for over twenty years.

Our answer to the question is an integrated medical alert response system that notifies you of unusual changes in your dad’s activities. If he is wandering the streets or leaving the house at odd hours, you will be alerted through a cell phone app or by other methods. If he is still in bed after an agreed-upon time, you will also be alerted. To simplify your dad’s life and help him maintain a routine, our system can also be programmed to automatically adjust temperature, lighting and security settings.

We want to help you help your dad maintain his independence. To find out more about our medical alert response system and our complete line of home security systems, please contact us.