Making the Right Choice for Home Security Systems

smiling family sitting on couch protected by their home security system

Provide and Protect. Those two words describe everything everyone in Greenville wants to do for their families. Unfortunately, the way that a few people choose to “provide” for their families, force the rest of us to find ways to protect our own. The crime rate in 2016 was stated to be higher than the national average, and as of year-end 2017, crimes like burglary only got worse. In these uncertain times, nothing is more heartbreaking than the idea of someone taking something you worked so hard for and endangering your loved ones. ProTec Security Systems have been Greenville’s experts in home security systems since 1994 and can help protect the city’s providers.

ProTec is the Affordable Security Choice

ProTec Security Systems start at $99 and offers free quotes to help determine the right system for your budget. In addition to that, once you’re signed up, you can potentially get three months of free monitoring by referring a friend. Just the simple fact of having a monitored burglary and fire system can save you up to 20% with most homeowner insurance companies. With perks like that and crime on the rise, the bigger question is: can you afford not to have security?

ProTec is the Modern Security Choice

ProTec Security Systems don’t require an old-school landline connection; cellular signals are all the connection needed to provide your home with the protection you need. You can download an app on your smartphone to check on your home or office while on the go. ProTec equips you and your home with sensors, infrared detectors, panic buttons, glass break detectors, smart touch keypads, HD cameras, and key ring remotes. Most importantly, ProTec utilizes video monitoring technology from, allowing you to keep an eye on your property without laying a foot on it.

ProTec is the 24/7 Security Choice

Monitored 24/7 a day from a local facility, and with technicians on call 24/7; ProTec will always be available to protect your property from threats, especially because burglars like to strike during the times you’re at work, per this article. In that same article, a burglar admitted a home security system would give him pause.

Make ProTec Your Security Choice

With affordable security options, high-tech monitoring options, and 24/7 monitoring from a local facility, choosing ProTec for your home security systems is the right choice. Pick up the phone or send an email and contact ProTec Security Systems today!