Loud vs. Silent: What’s the Right Alarm System for You?

loud security system alarm illustration

Customization is one of the greatest tenets of a good security system: you can fine-tune the range, the response, and the sensitivity of your home’s security to fit your family’s activity and the area you live in. Depending on what you need from your system, the difference between loud alarms and silent alarms can give you the protection you’re looking for?

What Are the Benefits of a Loud Security Alarm?

Audible alarms are a better initial deterrent. Whether you’re concerned about burglary, vandalism, or people crossing over your property line, loud alarms scare off repeated behavior, especially if the behavior isn’t serious. A loud blare means people won’t cross your yard again whereas a silent alarm and a later conversation aren’t as effective.

Loud alarms alert people about a problem. While many studies show that car alarms don’t elicit public concern, loud home alarms alert your neighbors. More importantly, they alert anyone in your house, especially if they don’t get messages about a silent alarm or can’t reach the phone.

What Are the Benefits of a Silent Security Alarm?

Silent alarms combined with a fast response time means burglars are caught. A loud alarm usually indicates that there’s a time limit or they need to come back later when the alarm is less likely to be active.

Silent alarms can be for more than break-ins or fires. You can fine-tune your security systems to notice when sockets are unexpectedly in use, if the front door is unlocked, or there’s a medical emergency. Using a range of alerts can tell an automated system whether it should quietly alert you, the police, or an emergency response team.

Different alarms work best in different circumstances; you might even have a mix of loud and silent alarms on the same property. No matter what customization you have in mind, contact ProTec Security Systems to get the security system that is right for you.