Let Them Know You Care

senior woman on floor after falling

Medical alert response systems benefit the elderly and loved ones suffering from serious health conditions. Medical alert systems have an alarm feature that automatically transmits a signal or a button that the user can press to alert a response center that they require immediate attention. The Center for Disease Control reveals that about 20 percent of reported falls, estimated at 36 million, commonly result in brain injuries, broken bones, and other trauma.

Nonetheless, getting your parents on board with the idea of medical alert gadgets is crucial in making them utilize them. Productive dialogues to address the importance of alert response usage with parents may seem a hard task. Here are significant benefits of a medical alert response system when approaching the subject with your parent.

The Devices Keep the Elderly Independent

Medical alert devices are built to let the elderly remain home longer with minimal or continuous supervision. Your parents control whether to contact response services or when a loved one is needed—the gadget assists in keeping the user safer and averting an incident that could cause severe damage.

Easy and Convenient to Operate

A parent can wear the medical alert gadget on the wrist, bracelets, or pendants. The seniors can also use the device easily as they are small with discreet designs that make them unnoticeable. They are convenient since they offer a fast alternative to phones whereby pressing a single button sends a signal.

Quick Assistance for Any Medical Emergency

A medical alert response system can help your parent get effective and immediate care when involved in an accident. Efficient gadgets are built with a feature that enables them to dial emergency services with a single button click. You can let your parents know that receiving immediate medical attention after an accident is essential in enhancing their survival rates.

LifeGard Personal Emergency System from ProTec is an easy-to-use and advanced system that provides an effective solution for individuals with medical conditions. Protecting your aging parents is easier with LifeGard, which lets them keep their independence with the assurance of getting help with a click of the button. Contact us to learn more about protecting your loved ones with our medical alert system.