Lay a Smarter False Trail to Protect Your Jewelry

close up of thief's hand holding jewelry

When burglars break into your house, they’re not going to waste time looking through your whole house. They’re going to methodically rifle through the most likely locations for valuable goods. They’ll search in your home office for easy to steal documents with useful data. They’ll head to your closet for guns to sell on the black market. And most routinely of all, they’ll look for high-quality jewelry in the most likely locations: jewelry boxes, bedside tables, and lock boxes.

Outsmart them by updating your home security. Here’s how:

1. Add extra sensors near your valuables.

Even if you have a jewelry box, you might already know to keep your most valuable jewelry and heirlooms somewhere safe. For expensive, irreplaceable pieces that you wouldn’t wear day to day, keep them protected in a specific room or closet. Then guard that doorway and the window with another tier of sensors. You can set them to send alerts to you or your security company if these spaces are accessed when they shouldn’t be.

2. Don’t hide jewelry in likely locations.

Some burglars may risk entering your home even if they think you have an active security system. If they hear the alarm go off, they may leave immediately, or they might finish a quick 90-second to three-minute search. They only have time to look through the most likely drawers and hiding places. Make sure your jewelry is kept somewhere slightly out of reach or unlikely. While a home invasion is always stressful, it’s better when you can save as many of your belongings as possible.

3. Make it clear that you have wireless security.

The best way to avoid home invasions and burglaries is to make it clear that your home is well protected. Broadcast your security with clearly visible decals in both the front and rear of your house near likely access points. Active monitoring can dissuade some trespassing and crimes of opportunity. But subscribing to wireless security and making sure the decals reflect that is even better. Most thieves will move on without taking the risk.

Let us help you find the right wireless home security system to keep your home and your jewelry safe.