Keeping Your Children Safe With Interactive Home Security Services

family protecting children through interactive home security system imagery

Your children mean the world to you and you would give anything to keep them safe. You know you cannot always be there, but you can provide them with the best protection available inside your home. ProTec’s Interactive Security System offered through can give you the control and the peace of mind you desire.

The Advantages of Interactive Security Services

Interactive Security Services allow you unprecedented levels of access to, and control over, your home security system. Not only can you remotely access customizable alarms for motion control, door events and live stream video from your surveillance system, you may also monitor power failure, fire and moisture alarms that can let you know when catastrophe strikes.

Door Alarms

You cannot always know what they are up to, but knowing when they arrive, leave or access certain parts of your home can help you keep them safe. allows you to create and configure door alarms in monitored areas, such as your exterior doors, medicine cabinets, and gun safes. Whether used alone or combined with live stream camera and audio, you will be able to monitor access to the most sensitive parts of your home.

Fire, Moisture and Power Failure Alarms

Sometimes, even home is not safe. With the addition of fire, moisture and power failure alerts you and emergency services will be notified in real-time of catastrophic events happening while you are away. In the event of fire or carbon monoxide your system will automatically alert emergency services, and if your systems have been integrated with the emPower™ home automation system, your AC and heater will be shut down to stop the spread of fumes through your home.


With Integrated Security Services you are always in control. You can easily create and change access codes, receive text, email or app alerts of events and speak directly with emergency services through the security panel in your home.’s security app allows you to access your security services from a variety of mobile platforms, including most Apple, Android, Amazon and Google home and mobile products.

You cannot always keep your children safe, but with the use of an integrated, interactive security system through ProTec you can offer them the best protection available. Contact ProTec Security Systems online or by phone at 800-942-3141 for more information today.