Keeping An Extra Eye On Your Home

electronic eye

Sleep comes easier when we know that our homes are safe. Protecting our homes has been made easier with the availability of wireless security systems. Even when on vacation, the systems act as a second set of eyes around our properties. This provides you with comfort in knowing you are able to monitor your home from miles away. When shopping for a home security system, ensure you go for a wireless option.

Advantages of Going Wireless

  • Compatibility with virtual personal assistants like Google and Alexa
  • Smartphone alerts
  • Remote check-in and control
  • Ability to update itself at any time

If you are shopping for a new home security system, we are the best choice, and here are the reasons why:


Effective home security does not come cheap, but at ProTec we offer cost-effective wireless solutions that won’t break the bank. The system allows for remote diagnostics and ease of installation, keeping costs under control. The systems offer greater reliability since wireless cameras are inexpensive to set up. In addition, the security system will help save on insurance costs that may result from burglary or arson. Also, if you are a renter, your systems can move with you.

More Security

Wireless home security is more secure because the system has no wires, making it impossible to cut and bypass. This feature makes your home much more secure and harder to target. A bonus of the wireless security system is the availability of battery backups that come in handy during power shortages.


ProTec wireless security systems have the added advantage of scale. If you need to install new cameras to expand the system, ProTec makes it possible. You do not have to worry about adding wires, drilling holes, or making other modifications to your home.

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