Keep Your Family Safe with a Monitored Home Security System

Residential home at night with outside lights turned on

Monitored home security systems are the ultimate safety net for your family. Want to know if someone is in your home while you are away, or worse, while your family is asleep? Monitored security can do that for you, and much more. Even better, the latest security equipment is completely wireless and accessible from a smartphone, and monitored security typically earns you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance!

Affordable Monitored Home Security Systems

Monitored security systems for your home, combining a home alarm and video, ensure the safety of your family, your pets and your belongings. And, these systems are affordable and easy to use! Today, remote monitoring can detect in-home motion, unauthorized entry through a door or window, even carbon monoxide or temperature extremes. Further, the monitoring center will notify you immediately, and proper authorities as appropriate. This instant notification can save lives and prevent damage.

  • Keypads – Your alarm system can have a wireless keypad near the door you most often use, for easy setting. Now, when your hands are full,  you can turn your system on and off u voice commands.
  • Motion detectors – Tiny but powerful, passive infrared motion detectors “see” any movement in your home when you are not there, and there are pet-friendly models that will not set off your alarm when Spot jumps on the couch.
  • Carbon monoxide detector – Knowing there is carbon monoxide in your home can save your life, plain and simple.
  • Panic buttons – Think how much peace of mind having this next to your bed would give you.
  • HD cameras – High definition cameras allow the monitoring center, and you, to see exactly what is happening in your home at any time. You can view live and have security recording as well.
  • Door and window contacts – These virtually undetectable motion sensors set off your alarm system when needed.
  • Glass break detectors – These do exactly what their name says, and alert the monitoring company and you about any broken window or door glass.
  • Key Ring remotes – These devices let you arm and disarm your security conveniently, and you can use it as a panic button anywhere within your home.

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