Three Ways You Can Keep A Digital Eye on Your Home

woman's eye with digital images on top

Your security system is more than just an alarm to dissuade burglars breaking in or a window decal to deter property damage. High-quality security systems give you more options, more tools for deterring crime, and more freedom when it comes to reviewing your home’s security while you’re away. Here are some of the different ways you can monitor your home security system remotely:

Live Video Feed

Many security systems now come with video monitoring cameras that can monitor the perimeter and interior of your home. You can choose whether you want constant or scheduled recording or passive cameras that flick on when motion is sensed. Depending on your preferences, that footage can be sent to your home computer for later review and storage, or you can access remotely through apps on your phone or tablet.

Updates and Notices

With an automated, interactive security system, you can program your security system to give you both alerts when a problem is discovered. You can also set your system to send you routine messages letting you know that everything is running smoothly at home.

Manually Review Your Home

If you have a break at work and you’re curious how things are going at home, you can pull up all of your integrated systems. This can include seeing your home’s internal temperature, checking that the doors are locked, and monitoring the energy use around the house. Smart security systems can be matched with other automated systems such as your thermostat, smart sockets, and lights, which means you can lock a door or turn off a light from the office.

ProTec Security System’s protections are monitored by a UL-certified center, so your home is always being monitored even if you’re not watching your alerts. But being able to glance at your home’s status and remotely control features when you’re far away is one of the best parts of an integrated security system. If you want to get started, or you’re considering a few upgrades, contact our experienced security specialists here.