Keep An Eye On Your Children With Interactive Home Security

2 children coming home to a secure house

A new school year is underway, and one of the main concerns that parents have is the safety of all their children. We know that you want to do your best to ensure your children are always safe, even when they are at home. At ProTec Security Systems, we have a variety of diverse products that will provide solutions to any safety concerns you may have.

We offer interactive home security options that will help all the busy parents remain aware of what is going on in their home when they are away. Interactive home security systems have changed the entire landscape of home security. There are multiple ways interactive home security can improve the quality of your home, including the following:

Where’s The Key?

Are you always worried that your child might lose the key to the house? Would you rather not leave a key to your home under the mat or under a plant? An interactive home security system can integrate door lock controls that will give you the ability to control automated options. You can give everyone a code to use on the door keyboard. You can also be alerted to who has used the pin, so you will know who has walked into your home.

The Mobile App

With a mobile application, you will be able to see what your children are doing at any time. In addition to checking in on your children, you will also be able to turn your home’s alarm system on or off. Unlike the traditional home alarm system that will only sound when an alarm happens, an interactive home security system will let you know what is happening at any time. A great thing about this home security system is that you can be alerted regardless of whether your system has been armed or not.

With an interactive home security system, you can see what your children are doing in real time by having instant access to all of your home’s cameras. You can also receive an alert that will also include a photo or a clip of the activity. Now it is easy to check in on your children when you are not home with them. Interactive home security gives you the opportunity to know what is happening in your home while you are away, in addition to ensuring the safety of your children.

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