Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Home

Camera lens with red and blue backlight.

Is video monitoring and surveillance necessary as a home security system? The answer is yes; it is a worthy investment for protecting your home. Even with standard security systems such as fire alarms or surge protection, your home needs video monitoring to give you the extra peace of mind you need. Now is the time to invest and avoid becoming a victim of burglary or theft.

ProTec is a trusted installer of professional video security systems all over South Carolina to prevent unexpected break-ins and keep criminals at bay. Here are reasons why video monitoring is a must-have in your security system.

1. It gives You Real-Time Monitoring of Your Home

Video monitoring can be done in real-time, allowing you to monitor every activity in your home from anywhere in the world. A simple video surveillance camera can help you see a single angle of the house. But, a reputable and reliable security company can provide a multi-camera view where you can catch all the activity throughout your home at once. You can stop a crime from happening in your home with live video monitoring. You will be able to get up-to-date details of anything occurring in your home when you install a video security system.

2. Decreases Local Crime Rates

FBI reports show that crime rates go as high as 3,452 crimes per 100,000 residents in South Carolina. Criminals can break into homes to steal, vandalize, or cause harm. Studies show that most criminals pursue properties that are unprotected by cameras or CCTVs. Video monitoring is an added advantage over cameras because you can capture and provide images of individuals with video evidence deterring theft, vandalism, and loss. You can record motion and activities with a simple camera to help track criminals.

 3. Gives You the Peace of Mind You Deserve

Smart video monitoring devices take home security to another level. One key aspect of these devices is the peace of mind they can give you. Knowing that you have a camera that is well installed on your property to capture events in your absence makes you feel safe and secure. Your mind is at ease, knowing you can access saved video clips and live feeds through your smartphone or a web-connected mobile device through alerts and notifications.

Go Safer and Smarter with Video Monitoring System!

The level of security you decide for your home is a personal choice. However, choosing the right home security system is daunting, especially with little field knowledge. At ProTec Security Systems, we provide top-notch home security solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information about which home security solution is right for you!