Is It Time To Upgrade Your Current Home Security System?

image with graphics that say Time To Upgrade for a home security post

How can you tell if your current home security system is outdated? How do you know that it is time to upgrade your home security system? Should you make updates to the old system? Should you keep the current system and take the risk of your home being burglarized or any other dangers?

We want you to be aware of these signs that will remind you it is time for you to upgrade your home’s security system and keep your home, your valuables, and your family safe from all the dangers that are lurking around.

Sign #1: No Remote Viewing

Do you like arriving at your home and checking the entire recorded feedback of your security cameras? We are guessing that you are probably tired of going through this viewing process. This type of viewing can be a thing of the past because remote viewing has become a very popular function for many interactive home security systems. Today, more security systems can be accessed anytime from mobile devices, web browsers, and other locations.

Sign #2: Poor Resolution

What kind of security cameras do you currently have in your home? Are you struggling to see the images that have been captured by your security cameras? If your security cameras cannot provide images that you can identify, what is the point of having them? If your security system cannot protect your home or your family, we certainly recommend that you take steps to update your security system. It is time for you to step into the era of the latest and greatest technology. Improved security cameras will be able to provide you with better images and detailed information.

Sign #3: Using Wired Technology

If you are still using an older security system, the chances are high that you are using wired technology to transmit the signals and get power. Traditional wired technology can easily be cut and removed by an experienced burglar. If you are worried that your cables will be cut, why not take the time to research wireless home security systems? The world is filled with wireless technology today, and the advances in technology will guarantee that you will have a capable and reliable home security system.

Sign #4: No More Updates

Software and firmware upgrades are available to keep your security system updated with all the features and functions needed to operate effectively. If you have been unable to update your security system for a long time or if there is no way for you to update your system, now is the perfect time to upgrade the entire system itself.

We do not want you to wait until your home is burglarized, vandalized, or is in any other type of danger to upgrade your home security system. With wireless and interactive home security systems, you will get the protection you need and deserve. For more information on upgrading your system or protecting your home, please do not hesitate to contact ProTec Security Systems.