Benefits of an Integrated Home Security System


Why are home security systems important? Great question! Here at ProTec Security Systems, we’ve been bringing many security benefits to your friends, neighbors, and family in the Upstate area since 1994. That’s almost a quarter of a century of protection and peace of mind. Let’s look at some of the many benefits of having an integrated home security system installed in your home.

Stops Intruders From Even Trying

When potential intruders see that we are protecting your home, they turn away. Our comprehensive security system of cameras, entry monitors and motion detectors ensures that you, our dispatchers, and the police know if someone is trying to gain entry. You’ll be alerted on your smartphone, where you will be able to access the cameras in your home and see what monitors or detectors have been activated.

Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Water

We will install state-of-the-art monitors throughout your home to detect smoke, carbon monoxide, and flooding. If your sump pump fails or a water line bursts, you and our dispatcher will know right away. If your home has smoke or elevated levels of CO (carbon monoxide), alarms will sound in your house and messages will go to our dedicated dispatchers and you.

Appliance and Surge Protection

A remote lightning strike can destroy not just your delicate computers and other electronics, but anything attached to the power grid in your home. Your dishwasher and sewing machine are at risk, too. With our comprehensive surge protection system, you’ll be protected from both external surges, like lightning strikes, and internal surges caused when appliances cycle on and off. With our appliance protection policy, you can rest assured that if your stove top, water heater or HVAC system goes on the fritz, we’ll be right there to fix them.

LifeGard Personal Emergency System

If you or other family members have medical problems, including dementia, our LifeGard Personal Medical Alert System can bring you great peace of mind. Much more than the “I’ve fallen…” systems of the past, with LifeGard system of monitors you can know if a loved one wanders where they shouldn’t. The system is so comprehensive that it can even turn on lights or music at pre-determined times to help someone with dementia maintain a schedule.

To find out more about how our dedicated team of professionals can protect you and the ones you love, please contact us.