How to Avoid the Threat of a Power Surge

power surge with blue and yellow currents

Have you been regularly facing electrical equipment failures due to power surges? Or are you looking for a long-term safety solution for all electrical appliances in your home or workplace?

Power surges are a significant threat to Greenville, Spartanburg, and Greer electrical equipment owners. The problem necessitates an effective solution to cater to electrical equipment safety. Various safety solutions are available today, but most do not cater to all equipment. This is constantly causing significant losses, even for the most expensive electrical appliances.

Since we always aim to respond to prevailing problems with a long-term solution, ProTec Security Systems offers a whole house surge protection system. This system is installed directly after your meter connection, protecting all electrical appliances in your space.

Why A Whole House Surge Protection System?

Here are the benefits of our whole house surge protection system:

Protection From External Threats

The whole house protector prevents damage to your electrical appliances from external threats such as electrical storms and power surges. These are threats that are not easy to manage since they come within a blink of an eye. The whole house protector ensures that your house and its appliances are protected from such threats 24/7.

Long Term Solution

The whole house protection is a long-term solution to electrical surges and related problems. It caters to primary external and secondary internal surge protection at all times; this implies no need for extra protection systems for each appliance.


Comes with a $5,000 limited warranty to protect against uncertainties. Not to forget, the installation is affordable; you only need to buy the surge protector.

Risk-Free Installation

Our team of experienced technicians inspects your home’s electrical systems during installation, including the ground rods. This approach ensures that all potential problems and risks associated with your electrical systems are mitigated.

Reliable Installation

We are highly reliable during the whole house surge protector installation. You do not need to be present for the installation to take place. In addition, all services are delivered in a timely manner, and the installation takes as short as 30 minutes.

Protect Your Home And Electrical Appliances Now

Ensuring the safety of your electrical appliances and electrical wiring systems is an excellent investment. Our whole house surge protector provides you with an ideal solution to all potential threats. Take your next step to install a whole house surge protector for your home. Contact us today for a reliable installation.