Why Home Security Systems Are Important For Busy Families

burglar leaving house and stealing tv in the daytime

When both parents are at work and the kids are in school all day, your home is at its most vulnerable for a break-in. Movies and advertisements (likely for the sake of dramatic effect) often depict home break-ins occurring in the middle of the night. In reality, over half of all break-ins happen during the hours of the day that many families are not home. Consider, also, the other dangers your home faces while you’re away.

Home Security Considerations

Burglars really aren’t interested in running into you. That’s why most burglaries happen during the day when people aren’t home. And it isn’t hard for a potential burglar to figure out when you won’t be there. After scoping things out, they can easily determine your family’s routine. While break-ins at night might make sense in your mind because it’s dark out and the burglars are less likely to be seen, it’s unlikely they’ll be seen during the day either. Chances are, many of your neighbors aren’t home and if they are, they probably aren’t watching your house.

However, burglars aren’t the only threat to your home, when you’re not there. Fires are devastating and can happen for any number of reasons. Leaving a candle burning or electrical issues are common causes of house fires. When you’re not home, no one will know your house is on fire until it’s too late. If you have pets, there is a concern as to whether or not they would be able to make it out. Even if your home caught fire and didn’t burn to the ground, you would probably be displaced for a time until the damage is repaired, not to mention the priceless belongings that would need to be replaced.

What You Can Do

Protect your home and belongings with a ProTec Home Security System. Able to detect a break-in or fire, you and authorities will be alerted immediately. Just having a sign out front letting potential thieves know that your home’s protected by a security system might be enough to deter them from breaking in. If not, rest assured that while you’re away, ProTec has you covered.

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