Your Home Security System and Mobile Phone — the Ultimate in Convenience

2 smart phones showing interface

With the surge of mobile phone use and the advance in smart phone technology, it’s no wonder more people are relying on it for all their needs. Just when you thought you’d seen all that your smart phone could do, you discover another amazing application. Now your home security system works with your mobile phone to provide the ultimate in protection and convenience. When you invest in an alarm monitoring system from ProTec Security Systems, you have direct access right from your smart phone. Here are 3 benefits of having your phone integrated with your home security system.


With the mobile app powered by, you have secure access to your entire security system wherever you are. With a couple of touches to the screen, you can find out what is going on at your home. Better yet, have alerts sent to your phone when certain customized conditions occur. This system gives you access to more than whether your home is being burglarized. By using a motion and floor sensing system you know when your children arrive home, when the babysitter is leaving, if cabinets or doors are disturbed, and even if pipes are leaky.


You control everything in your home even when you’re not at home. Just open up the program and make any necessary changes. For example, change thermostat settings, lock doors, close garage doors, turn your appliances on or off, and flip the light switches if you get held up at the office. You control it all from the palm of your hand.


It’s convenient to be able to login to your smart phone and control many of your home electronics. If something unexpected happens, you need not worry with a ProTec security system in place.

To learn more about this innovative new technology that integrates security with your smart phone, contact ProTec today!