Home Security Systems and Your Mobile Devices: There’s An App For That

home security systems app pictured on an iPhone and iPad

There’s an app for everything these days; consumers the world over can control virtually anything from the palm of their hand. With smart phones, smart watches, and smart cars, it was only a matter of time before home and business security systems joined the ‘smart’ revolution. Many home security systems offer options to pair with smart phones, watches, tablets, and home voice control to monitor from virtually anywhere. The killer combination of your home security system and your mobile phone creates a wirelessly controlled system to protect you, your family, and your possessions.

Phones and Tablets

Home security systems paired with the mobile app from Alarm.com allow phones and tablets to control and monitor the system from anywhere. In addition to security features, users can control comfort and access features of their home, such as lights and garage doors. Home security and comfort is changing rapidly, and users have more control than ever.

Smart Watches

With Alarm.com‘s mobile app for smart watches, controlling features of your home is as easy as checking the time. Users can receive notifications, adjust lighting, monitor security, and watch informative videos by a simple turn of the wrist and tap of a screen.

amazon and google voice control devicesVoice Control

When paired with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, Alarm.com allows the world’s most effortless control over home security, comfort, and access. With simple voice commands, users can monitor and adjust virtually any aspect of the home, including door locks and thermostats.

Live TV Monitoring

Alarm.com allows users to view live HD video streams to their TV when paired with Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV. With 4 simultaneous streams supported, users can simply pull up the app on their tv to see who is knocking at the door or check on the sleeping baby upstairs.

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