Home Security System Advantages: Uptime During Power Outages

lightning strike causing power outage

A home security system is only as good as its uptime. The moments when most electronics and communications systems are knocked out — power, internet — are also the exact moments when you need protection the most.

Intuitively, people often think of security systems activating in a relatively normal context: nighttime, on an average night, with no disruptions beyond whatever intrusion or other issues, triggered a sensor. For families looking to protect their homes during seasons of extreme weather, though, there are more pressing and somewhat counter-intuitive situations to contend with.

Spring Storms Bring Frequent Power Outages

During the hurricane season, South Carolina is consistently battered by an array of frequent storms. These aren’t the simple showers that blanket surrounding areas; weather patterns specific to this region turn these storms into notoriously harsh situations that frequently knock out power temporarily for hundreds or even thousands of homes at a time.

In the absolute worst case scenario, this unstable weather can produce hail or tornadoes, both capable of damaging transformers and power lines.

So for SC security customers, in particular, the question looms heavy: with power outages more common than average, will security systems protect families at their most vulnerable?

Cutting Edge Home Security Means Reliable Home Security

The critical factor of a modern, cutting-edge security system today is uptime. Even if your internet fails and your power goes out, a high-quality home security system will include a failsafe backup battery, charged by merely mounting it in the system. This provides up to a day of full operation for your security system.

You’ll also have the ability to store several additional backup batteries, in case the power outage event happens to last longer than the usual handful of hours.

For communications, your system will default to either landline or cellular service to communicate with the service center and, subsequently, the relevant authorities.

When it comes to the safety of you and your family, don’t settle for anything less than uptime during a power outage. Contact us to learn more about installing and maintaining a security system that holds up to the unique circumstances of Greenville area customers.